In the early 50’s Ludovico da Cunha César went to Juiz de Fora (MG, Brazil) and, after having worked for several years in the textile industry, founded “IND. E COM. LUSAR LTDA”, a company dedicated to the provision of service and the manufacture of components and spare parts for industrial machinery.

Since then, “LUSAR” has been providing the brazilian market with a large range of parts as well as heavy hydraulic presses, having developped special projects for several industries all over the country.

In the late 60’s, with the fast grouth of the brazilian automobile industry, the company was reorganized, bought the manufacturing facilities of “Silvabraz Ind. E Com. S/A” and started production of components and spare parts for automobiles. Today “LUSAR” is a traditional supplier of components for buses and trucks brake systems, and is a well-known industry whose name is synonymous whith reliability and quality.

After five decades of technological research and development “LUSAR” is now serving the international market whith high quality products which are listed in this catalog. “LUSAR” is also at your disposal to develop special projects accoording to your epecifications.

Our people at “LUSAR” are looking forward to searving you!